Early video art

In the early 70s Al attended CAL ARTS where in John Baldessari’s ‘Post Studio Art’ class he began experimenting with portable video equipment. His wry songs about art, love and life became the soundtracks for his videos. John liked Al’s videos and showed them to some friends. In short time Al’s videos became video art hits and that’s how Al accidentally became a music video pioneer. Al’s videos can be viewed at The Getty in Los Angeles and MOMA in NY. You can read more about Al’s early video work in the book California Video: Artists and Histories by Glen Phillips and published by The Getty.

Goin’ down this old dusty road

After graduating CAL ARTS in 1976, Al remained in California where in 1979 he met the legendary Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Jack was recently arrived in L.A. and was looking for a place to park his Dodge truck for a day or two. Fred Walecki introduced Al and Jack and Jack wound up camping at Al’s Venice Beach bungalow for a couple of weeks. Jack payed his rent with songs and stories about Woody Guthrie. Thanks Jack! It will come as no surprise dear reader that, inspired by Jack’s stories and songs, Al soon departed Los Angeles to do some ramblin’, pickin’, and grinnin’ of his own.

Goin where the water tastes like wine

Eventually Al rambled his way to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he lived happily ever after.