Alan Acuff spent his childhood in the woods of rural Ohio. He fell in love with guitars after hearing Gene and Roy sing in the movies. At the age of nine he built a cigar box guitar of his own invention. Al’s parents eventually acceded to the inevitable and rented a Silvertone acoustic guitar from a local music store. It had high action and was hard to play but it was a start. The guitars got better eventually and so did Al.

Fast forward to the early 1970s. Al was a student at CAL ARTS. In John Baldessari’s legendary Post Studio Art class Al was encouraged to use his original songs as video soundtracks. John liked Al’s videos and songs and he showed them to a few friends. In short time Al’s videos became gallery exhibition favorites. His videos have stood the test of time. The videos have been exhibited and are available for viewing at The Getty in Los Angeles and MOMA in NY. You can read more about Al’s videos in the book California Video: Artists and Histories by Glen Phillips.

In those days you couldn’t make a living at video art so after graduating CAL ARTS in 1976 Al remained in California working various film and television industry day jobs while gigging as a musician at night. Then in 1979 Al met Ramblin Jack Elliott. Jack needed a place to park his Dodge truck for a little while and Al obliged. Ramblin’ Jack hung out at Al’s Venice Beach pad calling it home for a couple of weeks. While he camped at Al’s place Jack payed his rent with songs and stories about Woody Guthrie. (Thanks Jack!)

It will come as no surprise dear reader that, inspired by Ramblin’ Jack, Al has has rambled down many dusty roads of his own finding adventures and meeting friends along the way. Eventually Al rambled his way to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he now resides.